This course will help you hire freelancers for your website and marketing.

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Module 1. Introduction

In this free introductory module, get our checklist and learn about your options when it comes to building a lead-generating website.

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Learn about the different ways you can build your website and how much it costs.

Module 2.
Write your project brief.

A detailed project brief will help you avoid surprises.

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Write your own project brief by taking this video course.


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Module 3. Build your digital assets

Learn about the three ways to build your website.

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How to split roles, do the easy stuff.

Course Bundle

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Learn abou the ThriveMate Accelerator.

Other stand-alone courses

These courses will show you additional aspects of a Thrive Themes website.

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Advanced design lessons for Thrive Apprentice


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Learn about the community features available in Thrive Apprentice when using Thrive Comments.