Building a business is fun with the right
strategy, plan and support

Start for free by learning how to be efficient with your budget.

Step 1. Learn 

In this free introductory course, learn about the costs of a website.

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Building a website can be expensive and time-consuming. Learn ways to reach profitability faster.

Step 2. Write your own project brief.

A proper project brief can save you time, money and avoid you a lot of frustration.

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To stay on schedule and on budget, you want to know what to build and divide your project in multiple phases.

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Get your questions answered during our regular Q & A sessions.

Step 3. Build your website

Create assets that communicate the value of your skills and knowledge, so you can share it with to the world and get people to buy from you.

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How to split roles, do the easy stuff.

Course Bundle

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This 2-hour course will show you how to stay on schedule and on budget by being clear on your project.

Other stand-alone courses

These courses will show you additional aspects of a Thrive Themes website.

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Advanced design lessons for Thrive Apprentice


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Learn about the community features available in Thrive Apprentice when using Thrive Comments.